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Thursday, June 29, 2006

In laws = In Effect

A trip home wouldn't be complete without the requisite day out with my in-laws. Its often a dinner and a movie. I saw all the lord of the rings with them. And they like to celebrate and take us to nice places for dinner. Its always a good time. Today, we decided to forgo that tradition, and visit the Harpoon brewery. Where they have 7 beers that we can sample. All we want.

Best. Tour. Ever. The tour was maybe 5 minutes long. The dude yelled for while in the loud room about yeast and stuff. This after I liberally sampled 6 different beers. Nothing but smiles for Jimmy.

Then instead of going out to dinner, we returned to the Ruddens for a suprise. They had a clam bake delivered to their house. They knew that:

a. I've never been to a clam bake before.
b. I really want to go to a clam bake.

so, as special treat, they had one delivered.

It was the best seafood meal I've ever had in my life. Clam chowder, tha BOMB steamers, and then a lobster. All fresh. All totally delicious.

Oh man. They treat me good over there. And I get to live with their daughter.



Blogger jordan said...

glad you're blogging. what took you so long?

we need to that clambake thing out here in sf. i'll bring the butter if you bring the lobsters!

12:47 PM  
Blogger PVision said...

Clam Bake! Sweetness. The harpoon sounds tasty too. Much better than movies. F Superman!

1:41 PM  

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