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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rootin Tootin, Lets go Newton

Well, our excursion home has come to a close. We had a lovely time on the 4th, attempting to watch the extensive Boston fireworks from my Brothers apt, which is on the 32 floor. His deck looked right out at the barge. Unfortunately the winds picked up the massive amount of smoke from the fireworks and pushed it right at us. So the view was often blocked. But Doug made us hot dogs in his Foreman grill, and all was good. Except for Steven Tyler, who tried to sing along with the Boston Pops. I think it might be retirement time at this point. Or a decade ago. Then again, I haven't really been following. Mmmm. . . hot dogs. . . .

I ate lots of sea food. It was really tasty. I got to hang with good high school friends, and their respective girl friends. I ran the full spectrum gambit with my folks, which is usual. There was even some time for introspection. As we get older, it turns out our folks do too. Its good to take step outside, and see how your parental relationship shifts as time goes on. Those relationships are terribly complicated, full of love and headaches. And now with the marriage, we see each of our parents accept both of us as family. Especially since we are their only hope (right now) for offspring.

There is this long standing agreement that when children enter our lives, we will head back east where both sets of parents will be around to partake in the child rearing. The thing is, until I left the east coast, I had no idea there is an option to totally skip winter. And I forgot about the summer humidity. Boston as a city doesn't have much appeal. People are much gruffer. Most of the bars are sports bars. I love San Francisco. I love the people, the music, the energy, the vibe. We have such a fantastic community for friends out here. So I guess, what I will do, is continue to enjoy it to my maximum capacity - and not take it for granted. For now, it really feels like home. And its good to be home.

Also, our pets rats really missed me. I can tell.


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