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Friday, September 29, 2006

Backlit Lounge

I learned about a new weekly electronic music event in SF called backlit lounge. Its basically a chance for geeks like me to whip out their various electronic music gear and perform for a crowd of mostly like minded people. On Wednesday, I went downtown to go check it out. I was there on the early side, 9ish, and there were few people present. One dude was doing his thing with a laptop and drum machine, and it was sorta interesting, but didn't hold my attention. I liked the socializing tho - I know so many musicians, but I know literally no one who's into the computer music.

The next performer, jaswho?, rolled in with a bunch of different gear I've never seen before, and oddly no computer to link it all together. And holy shit did he rock the joint. Too bad the joint consisted mostly of me. Noneless, I got the fuck down. It was awesome. He seamlessly connected his songs together like a DJ, only using a bunch of cool looking electronic music gear. He won at least one new fan. I'll try to grab some video from a dude who was taping to illustrate his awesomeness.


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