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Friday, September 22, 2006

Thursday Night Groove

It was absurd. There were four shows of interest going on last night. After careful consideration, I decided upon Mute Math, a band that knobtweakers was throwing their support behind. I saw their video, and I was sold. I took a page from the book of Patry and called the venue to get set times. They were to hit @ 10:15. Perfect. That gave me ample time to first go to the Hotel Utah, where my friends Jesse Culter (or JP Cutler as he brands himself) and Jason Parmar were opening.

Its a fun scene at the Hotel Utah. Half of a large boat is mounted off the balcony. I can play frogger and galaga. I knew some of the players from the second band, the Shim Sham Rebellion. Adam and Ryan were there. I met the bass player to ALO, who used to be roommates with Jesse. It was good scene. JP + Jason finished up their short solid set at 10:30, and I cruised over to Slims for Mute Math. I popped in to catch their final encore. Ummm, what? It was 10:45. WTF! Well, either they started early, or their set was absurdly short. Its not even 11. So, I decided to go for 3, and boogied down to the Connecticut Yankee to see Isabella.

I really like the Conn Yankee. Isabella was sounding great. I was fired up to watch Sean, their guitar player, really tear it up. He’s coming into the general fuzz studio for the first time on Saturday. I can’t wait.

There were some folks assembling demo CDs of New Monsoon for their show tonight. New Monsoon is opening up for Moe at the Warfield. I was feeling good (fuck Mute Math), and since I know the bass player from New Monsoon, I decided to jump in and help with the assembly. I sometimes really enjoy the repetitive manual tasks. It was the first time I’ve ever met real die hard fan of New Monsoon before. Glad to know they exist.

They took setbreak around 12:30, and it was time to head home. There was only one way to improve upon my evening at that point – some kick ass, late night pizza. Sooo good.


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Late Night Pizza!

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