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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Metal Up Your Ass

Dave P was kind enough to bring me a present: the four episodes comprising the entire documentary "Heavy, The Story Of Metal" It was awesome. I spent most of my teen years listening to Metallica, Motley Crue, Warrent, and such on my walkman. I didn't distinguish the glam from the metal. I loved them all equally-ish. Though nothing was as good as Master of Puppets. Holy balls, thats an epic album. Its funny, re-listening to Ride the Lightning. It provides some illumination of where my self-destructive, morbid fantasy mental state stemmed from. Lots of death, insanity, with a dash of SATAN. If nothing else, it definetly fueled the flames.


Anywho, my favorite part of the documentary was seeing how much the metal guys HATED the glam guys. Metal was really hitting it corperate stride was when I was 13. So I had no basis to understand how sad/cookie cutter some of the music was. It was all kick ass to my unlearned mind. So, here, big corperations, take my money. Or my parents money really. I just wanna rock.

I've been inspired to re-read through "The Dirt: The Autobiography of Motley Crue" for the secord or third time. According to that book, those guys should all be dead. Several times over. Now they're embarcing on a tour with Aerosmith. Something about two middle aged (actually the Aerosmith dudes are approaching their 60's) doesn't scream rock'n'roll.

According to his wikipedia page - Steven Tyler is currently dating Erin Brady, director of tour finance for Live Nation Concerts, which is a spin-off of Clear Channel. Nice dude.



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