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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Being a tribute band is tough to start with. Unless they do a really good job of covering another bands material, you simply want to mock them. Nothing could be tougher then being a Phish tribute band. They wrote some 200+ songs, many of which are seriously long and complex. On top that, the point of seeing Phish many nights in a row was that they never played the same song the same way. There’s a large helping of improvisation. They were (and still are) steller musicians. So to be Phish tribute band you must learn a good portion of their catalog, and learn the songs inside out so that they can opened up for some serious jamming. Add to that the intense rabid fans of Phish, who will be somewhat unforgiving to band who makes a living covering Phish songs.

Phix is totally worthy. This is my second time seeing them at 12 Galaxies, and they totally lived up to my anticipation. Since they practice quite a bit, they play a lot of the monster Phish songs better then Phish did at the end of their run. Phix will pick a setlist submitted by people attending the show and play it in its entirety. If its your lucky night, you could hear your fantasy show. They didn’t pick mine, but it was really interesting setlist. A crazy Down With Disease -> Ha Ha Ha -> Down With Disease. A steller Split Open and Melt. A perfect rendition of Bowie. And it only cost $10. There’s many micro brews on tap at standard bar prices, no bathroom line, lots of dancing space, and you can bring in your backpacks.

Good times were had.

We left after the double encore (Good Times Bad Times, Golgi Apparatis), at 1:30 on Tuesday morning.

I was not at my phinest on Tuesday. Great start to the week though.


Blogger PVision said...

Dude, and that Bouncin'! And Divided Sky! All solid.

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