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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Close the Door! (You're letting the heat out)

Just coming off a long weekend visit from the ‘Rents. We went to the farmers market. Apparently, it was overwhelming. Maybe so, but I got to eat a delicious $7 hot dog and meet the people who made it. We bought lots of super expensive organic produce. I then proceeded to make a remarkably bland organic dinner. We tooled around the city, seeking out scenes which my father could photograph. We ate at Quince, which was an almost out of body delicious experience. I highly recommend it, especially if someone else is paying. We even got a couple games of Blokus in.

All in all, a relatively good visit. And they leave me with a great excuse to head up to my Aunt and Uncle’s (well not quite, maybe once removed, but good family nonetheless) ranch in Napa to meet up with them this weekend.


Blogger PVision said...

A little Blockus with Liz & Larry. Nice.

"The world doesn't need anymore silly noises."
-LK circa 1995ish

9:15 PM  

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