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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sometimes computers bite my dick

On Monday night, I returned to my computer to find it not so on. Thats funny, cause I didn't turn it off. It wouldn't start. I begin to freak. Soon computer guts are all over the house. Stina's computer becomes a casualty, as I amputate the power supply to my machine. Still doesn’t work. Fuck. Re-assemble everything a couple times and use Stina’s machine to begin to research how much it’ll cost to buy a new barebones system. Right before heading to bed, I try turning my machine back on. Holy shit, it works. Seems most likely like it was a overheating issue. Or maybe it was just begging to be temporarily disassembled. Whatever, it’s been working fine. I’ve made lots of backups.

Also on Monday, the upstairs computer at Box Dog Bikes is on perpetual reset. I head on over there after work on Tuesday . A couple hours of tooling around and I can’t fix it. Well, fuck it. I swap some hard drives, push some data around the network, and retool everything so we’re back up and sorta working. They’ve had so many problems with their old hand-me-down machines. I’ve already convinced them to replace one. I think they need no further prodding to replace the other.

On the plus side, Dan and Angel know fully understand my love for Arnelles pizza, and always order it for me when I come and play “IT support”. Its fucking delicious. I now associate their bike shop with it. Sort of like how I now associate taffee with North Beach.


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