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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I am very fortunate to have a job which allows me to work from home quite a bit. On the otherhand, I'm a social person by nature, so I do get a bit lonely. I also have a tendency to talk/sing a lot, especially when no one's around. Yesterday I talked with a french accent for like 4 hours. So instead of letting all this brilliant dialog go to waste, I have two pet rats which soak it all up: Whitey and Fimo. I often just refer to them as woogers. It works as both a singular and plural reference. Sometimes I call them kitten. Dave finds this amusing since he sometimes calls his cats monkey. Circle of life.

So, through the brilliance of digital camera's and the WWW, I bring you a couple of shorts:

Here's Fimo getting a little air:

Here's Whitey grabbing BIG air (notice she actively enjoys this as she comes tearing back to me):

This is how I've trained them to come to me:

They're real cute when they eat.


Blogger PVision said...

Dude, my monkeys would fucking love your kittens.

8:23 PM  

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