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Friday, July 21, 2006

Thievery Corporation

So . . after attempting to use the blogging medium as a form of therapy, Stina returned from her daily torture. We talk and she came up with a couple other things that might be contributing to my lack of sleeping. Then I frantically make dinner, eat a little, and Sarah swings by in her cute red bug mobile. We pick up a bunch of folks and have a the worlds smallest caravan consisting of said bug and a motorcycle down to the Concourse. This is my first time there. And hopefully my last (but unlikely - I go where the shows are). It was a long hanger like warehouse space where the top and walls were all medal and the ground was thin rug. That's means the acoustics were crap, especially because the insane bass levels they started out with. Credit to the sound duder - he did eventually reign in the bass. Ooh, that's a good album name: reign in the bass.

The crowd was unlike anything I had ever seen. There was at least 3500 people there, and there were probably slightly more women then men. A lot of these women were totally done up - in tight expensive dresses, heels, the whole package. Nothing wrong with that, but it definitely felt like I part of a "scene". Where the hell did these women come from? The marina? They clearly effectively marketed this show to the right people - because they showed up in force.

I had thirst, so I took a page out of the book of Stina. Her dad is the most observant person I've ever met, and he's passed a lot of his wisdom down to his daughter. A simple fact is that crowds are predictable. The bars were on the sides, which you had to walk up stairs to get to. When you go up the stairs, you walk to the bar. There's a shitload of people. What I learned to do is walk past the bar and keep going. There's usually a second bar. I went half way down the second bar and got in line in the middle. My hand achieves beer 2 minutes later. Thus endith the lesson.

I'm not sure I can objectively judge the show. I had some angst to burn so I fucking got down. I was groovin all night pretty hard. I've seen them once before - this was a far better show. They have a full band going along with the DJ. They have a cast of singers - a couple ladies who wowed me, and some reggae duders who effectively pumped up the crowd. I knew a bunch of the songs they played. When I listen to TC in the car its mostly background music. I was somewhat amused to be shakin my thang to the same tunes. Their music is less repetitive live - they change it up and take advantage of the 5-6 band members. It not nearly as sparse as it on the albums - but some of that is the bass in your face in the crowd.

Right when I was starting to fade, they finished up their set. Perfect. It wasn't even midnight. I'm old. I'm ok with that.


Blogger mizsarah said...

Yay - I got a shout out! My little red car appreciates the attention as well, but she wants you to know she's a Volvo. Her name is Flika, and she's Swedish (duh).

10:48 PM  
Blogger PVision said...

Reign in the motherfuckin' Bass.

11:05 PM  

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