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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Great Tuesday

I would like to share an email I got from Hans. I can only wish my day was as inspiring as his:

Man, today's a fucking gem. So on top of homeboy's post-collapse breakdance move at the threshhold of the El Public Market (for those of you who missed it, a guy slipped and fell on his ass at the door after hurdling a trashcan/ashtray on his way in and turned it into a backspin, freezing for a pose at the end), today has been dotted with other similar awesome weirdness...honestly, if the freakiness is maintained at the current level, I think my starship may blow up.

So aside from the normal weirdness on Emerygoround this morning, some old dude in a business suit (not a business hippy though) was waiting at my stop at work to ask the bus driver if he could take him to SF tonight. So some of the other riders on their way out of the bus started asking if they could get rides to SF on their way home tonight too. Maybe he could take me to the Bahamas. Maybe he could take me home tonight, like Eddie Money. I think I'll ask that when I get on tonight.

Then on the way back from the market, I passed behind Denny's where up from the ground came a bubblin crude. Oil that is. Grease trap gold. Seriously, their grease trap musta been clogged, cuz greazy pork sandwich discharge was GUSHING out of the top of the sewer manhole behind the building. I narrowly escaped with my life. George Washington was there, holding his opponent's wife's hand in the frothy fountain.

So then at a particularly dangerous intersection (as you come out from under I80 toward my building) I waited for a number of cars to go by and eventually this guy with dreads in a mustang or something stops and waves me to hit the crosswalk. I nod to him and just as I get to the other side, the opening 3 notes from Michael Jackson's "Bad" hit his speakers loudly and he speeds off.

This day is destined for greatness. I'm just glad you all could be here to share it.


Anonymous hans said...

Tuesday ended with Heather and I running into a band called Tapwater jammin at the corner of Allston and Shattuck in Berkeley. They were playin NRPS' "Henry's Golden Ki" which I hadn't heard in a LONG time. They're playing Jupiter tonight I think.

I pass by Denny's again tomorrow. Wish me luck with the saucegeyser.

4:22 PM  

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