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Sunday, August 20, 2006


Pat McCarten is good friend of ours back from our Palo Alto days. Stiners and Pat worked at the same startup. A friendship was born. We used to have “family” dinners on Thursday in Shakedown, our 8 person mildly co-op-ish style home. Pat came every Thursday. Turns out Pat loves music. Possibly more than I. Enough that there is kinship between us as well. There was 3-4 year period where 80 percent of the concerts I saw were with Pat. So that’s a LOT of shows. An unreasonable amount of good times.

He also introduced me to the wonders of the amazing car stereo. He drove an Audi with a 13 piece speaker system. Getting to/from the concert was an experience in itself. He turned me on to countless bands.

Anywho, somewhere along the line he met his amazing wife Angela, and they moved back to Toronto, Pat’s birthplace. That made me sad. He’s now working for a company that has offices in the Bay Area. That means every 4 months or so, he blows through town and spends a night with the Kruddens.

We always give 110 percent. I usually wake up sore then next morning.

Thursday Pat came over. We never left the house. We spent most of the night taking turns controlling itunes and keeping the stereo at maximum volume. When music is loud and awesome, Pat plays air drums/guitar/whatever. Really well for that matter. I took a short dark video of Pat doing “the Pat”. Sorry I lack the skills to make it less dark.

Here’s your glimpse:


Blogger Me said...

Even though I enjoy almost all air instrumental performance, this is truly some inspired playing.

6:48 PM  

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