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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dessert Anticipation

Zack (the actual original lego maniac!) and Amanda came over for dinner on Tuesday. It was great opportunity for Stina to talk with recently converted athletic like people and to discuss triatholon stuff. I just sat there, drank, and nodded when I thought it was appropriate. Amanda is one of the best cooks I know. Over the years, Zack has broke her down, from Vegan to Veggie. This has vastly increased the type of food she will prepare. It's all very exciting. When asked what they could bring over, I couldn't resist asking for dessert.

Now I have a serious sweet tooth. Dessert is very important to have everyday. If it doesn't occur, I've been known to get grumpy or super motivated to go out and aquired a fix.

Amanda said she made dessert. Those were the sweetest words I heard all day.

It was unbelievably good. So good, I took a picture and blogged about it.


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