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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Can't stop till I get enough

On Friday we made our annual trek to the Palace of Fine Arts to see the Hip Hop Dance Fest. I always leave with my jaw slightly unhinged. Its usually like 12-14 different dance troupes doing some seriously choreographed numbers. Most of them are from the bay area. A lot of them are high school students. Ever since it upgraded to the Palace of Fine Arts they always import a couple acts from outside California. We saw a trio from France that was insane. One guy, The Human Toy, dislocated his knee while performing and kept going - we learned about this after the fact. Unbelievable. Its seems that each year they are pushing the boundaries of the genre. This year we saw some seriously stylized ballet like hiphop, some over the top sexuality (which is often not present at all in these performances), and a tripped out ninja posse that I would prefer not to rumble with. It was great.


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