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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I got the most surprising email I've ever gotten to my general fuzz account. Let me share it with you:

Hello, I have a question regarding track 1 Dream Together on the General Fuzz album. The underlying melody seems almost identical to the theme song on the 80s game Starflight by EA/Binary Systems. Is this song influenced by this theme or actually embed it into the song itself? I have this ability to pick out certain tunes and would love to know if I'm right.

Dream Together / General Fuzz

Starflight 1 Theme Song


Huh. It turns out I've never heard of this game. I sorta hear the similaries, but I'm not feeling "identical" It was nice of him to link the song though.


Blogger Zack said...

omg... I remember that game. That was a great game! My worthless 2 cents... similar yes, identical no.

9:06 AM  
Blogger The Habe said...

Wow, that is similar. Maybe a General Fuzz cd fell out of the time machine...

12:35 PM  

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