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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Stumbling Forward

Its been a pretty off week. Stina has barely been sleeping, and therefore, I’m sleeping a lot less. A combination of new jobbiness and crazy exercise seems to thrown a wrench in her sleeping capabilities. Normally, I do all the wrench throwing around here. I feel displaced.

So we’ve been kinda walking around like zombies, and things get pretty tense between us real easy. I’m also having some weird music issues, where I’ve had a couple songs that aren’t panning out the way that I think they are. Initially, I think they totally kick ass. When I go and revisit, I find that they lack something. Something good, perhaps. Soon there after I think they suck. Its nice and manic. So I’m somewhat down, I haven’t been socializing, I work at home a lot, and things are a little f’ed in the head. Nice. All the while I’m preparing for my show next week at the Cow Palace. That will be interesting – I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to it or not. I think I’ll be glad when its over, and I can dedicate myself fully on some new tunes. I’ll also be fully prepared to play some more gigs at the drop of the hat, so I need to make that happen before the year is up. Definitely before the new album is out.

The good news is that I got another review. By being proactive and sending out a couple CDs, I occationally get feedback. Public feedback even. Go check it out. Also, I’ve learned, General Fuzz is what you need.


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