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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Little City

Stina had her last day of work at UHS on Thursday, so we hit the city to do some serious celebrating. We started by heading up to West Portal to go for a nice Italian dinner at Charlise. We’d been there once before, and we were long over due for a second visit. When we looked at the menu, it wasn’t the least bit Italian. It was all Greek food. Then the waitress came over and told us that tonight was the first night with a new Chef, and the only thing they were serving was the soup and the shiskabaabs. Ooookay. That would explain why we’re the only people in the place. After some quick deliberation, we decided WTF and had some tasty chicken shiskabaabs. The chef plied us with free appetizers and deserts. It was good.

Then it was time to buy over priced pumpkins at the local pumpkin patch place, because pumpkins are for celebrating. It also gave us opportunity to say hello to our old friends: the sad looking turkeys and rabbits. We’ll be back shortly to buy a tiny but crazy expensive Christmas tree in a couple months. I always get very irate for that trip. You’ll learn about that later. For now: I’m down with Pumpkins. We cool.

We then made our way to the Cat club for some 80’s dancing. We showed up prior to 9:30, and there was no cover. The place was empty, just the way I like it. We met up with some friends and did some boogie-ing. Two rooms of 80’s goodness. I heard the long version of my favorite song from BreakIn – “Body Work” by Hot Streak. Then we bump into some people we met the day before – one of Stina’s cousin’s good friends and her boyfriend. We had long standing plans to meet them. After finally executing on the plan, we run into them the next day. Holy random.

By 11:30 the place was mobbed. I don’t get it – why do people wait till you have to pay to get in and then deal with annoying crowds? Some dudes tried to pick up on Stina, and I understand – meat market. Well, I guess we better get the F out of there and have some late night pizza.

So we did.


Anonymous stina said...

Pumpkins are for fun!

7:41 PM  

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