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Sunday, November 19, 2006

We'll never stop singing

Hans and Heather had met up with Stina and I for the flash dance - it closely emulated their natural habitat. Across the street was the old/new mall that I've never set foot in. Heather led us to the insane food court (you will easily spend $10-15 on dinner, but it'll be pretty tasty). We randomly bumped into Zack and Amanda down there. Heather treated us to a Beard Papa pastry which was beyond tasty. Custard was everywhere. I was down with that.

We met up with Rachel to catch the final show of Killing My Lobster's latest run - KML Faces the Music. It was directed by Andrew Bancroft and the musical director was Olive. It was by far and away the best KML show I've ever seen. It was definitely chock full of Olive humor - very self referential and over the top. It was hysterical. The performers were freaking amped, possibly cause it was their last show of the run. The show revolved around Bay Area culture, and it was done almost entirely in song. Apparently they're going to do a second run in January - I highly recommend you see it if you missed it this run. . .


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