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Monday, November 20, 2006

You're Cut

Well, last week was a really freaking productive musical time span. I had three different artists over to record, I finished up a couple tunes, and I finalized the sale of a commissioned song for a documentary on shark conservation. Hell yeah.

I also started taking a look at the track listing for the upcoming album. I was really struggling with one song - it just wasn't going to fit cleanly. After listening to it I realized that it really didn't fit in the album at all. Its a song that has something like 7 to 8 different sections in about 6 and a half minutes - no mean feat. It took a fair bit of effort to write and mix down due to its complexity, but fortunately I did it so long ago that I'm able to let it go.

I have such emotional attachment to music I'm working on. I definitely lose the ability to judge the worth of a song once I've committed to finish it. After a while, especially if I've completed some songs in the meantime, I can look at it a little more objectively. So, bam, just like that. Off the album. I feel good about it.

Not to let a completed song go to waste, I've added it to the bonus tracks on my website. So, enjoy a new general fuzz track while you wait for the new album to wrap up. The song is named "baby steps". I was inspired by PVision's recent commitment to baby steps of self realization.



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