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Friday, March 16, 2007

Meet the Brewers

Stina's cousin Catherine was in town, and it was a beautiful evening, so we decided to head down to the beach to watch the Sunset. After aptly burning our retinas, we headed in to the Beach Chalet, where it turned out to be "Meet the Brewers" night. Even though the restaurant was packed, we headed to the back where there was a small party of like 10 people lounging around. I introduced myself to the first person I saw, and it turned out he was the owner of the Beach Chalet. He then introduced me to the brewers of 21 Amendment, Speakeasy, Gorden Birsch, and Archor Steam.

It was like meeting your hero's.

He was opening reserve beers and kegs for the event. So he would occasionally come over with small glasses for us to try his special beer.

Cost = free.

Joy = priceless.


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