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Monday, February 26, 2007

Dr. Doug

My Older Bostonian Brother Doug came out for a long weekend visit. We seriously packed it in.

It began with a shabu-shabu lunch at the Babo Cafe (across from organic sausage goodness hut). We sat down at the bar, and they asked if we'd like to watch something on their fabulous flat panel TV. We chose to watch the first half of the Incredibles, in surround sound no less, while we "cooked our meat" in the crazy spicy Tom Yum broth.

Stina suggested that we go to lime for dinner. The whole concept at lime in mini food. The decor is a not subtle mash up of retro and extremely modern seating and lighting. Everything was fantastic, especially the mini-burgers and the mojhitos.

Doug and I passed the evening playing Techmo Bowl, Super Dodge Ball, and Pooyan. This led to many enthousistic announcings of "Pooyan!". We polished the evening off watching an episode of our favorite childhood game show: Starcade.

I took Friday off. We ended up going on a long hunt for a half moon cookie This was a childhood favorite sweet of ours. Since we were sans car, we proceeded to walk from my apartment, down Haight to Market, then along Market to the Embarcadero. We went into many a bakery - with no success. We had a nice long walk though, capped off with bloody mary's and pool at Kezars. Pooyan! Stina let us know they sell half moon cookies at the JCC bakery. The jews clearly keep it real.

On Saturday we headed up to our Aunt/Uncle/Cousin's ranch up in Napa. Even rainy, the place was gorgeous. Our Aunt Vee wasn't feeling well, but it was great to see everyone. Neither of us elected to get on top of "Cowboy", the wet bull.

We hit the Mumm winery on they way home.

Sunday we fully embraced our decadence with Brunch at the Ritz. Holy shit. I guess the word for it was sumptuous. I cannot describe all the very fancy foods we devoured. Some highlights were the smoked trout, the apple strudel surprise, unbelievable eggs benedict, and the chocolate soup. I think we ate for over two hours. We walked it off with a long stroll through GG park with his friend Val, which helped the battle in my stomach come to a peaceful resolution. Doug even got a flatted penny souvenir in the Tea Garden.

All was well.

It was great to see Dr. Doug. It was cool to see/meet his bay area friends. They seem like good peeps.


Blogger I am an Edu-Dame said...

Chocolate soup. How money is that?

12:28 AM  
Anonymous hans said...

ritz brunch is some balls-out eatin.

1:02 PM  

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