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Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patty's

Both Stina and I had been sleeping poorly all week long. Our interested in going out and raging was low. We meandered down to 9th and Irving around 6 pm, and did an "peer in from the outside" pub crawl. We determined that it must be the transition period from afternoon drinkers to evening drinks by the state of the either over inebriated or somewhat sober crowd. I pushed for a drink at Eldo's, the micro brew. Just as we approached Eldo's, the N (light rail pub trans) showed up, and we jumped on for no particular reason. We exited near Kezars, with dreams of Buffalo Wings and Bloody Mary's.

That dream was promptly destroyed when we peeked inside and there was no space to enter.

We headed up Haight, and after passing the Red Vic, Stina asked where "Lambec" was. That was a perfect notion, as we were just passing it, and it didn't look to crowded. Of course, the shee-shee bars are often overlooked by the aggressive St. Patty's drinker. I got my tasty Magnolia's Belgian style micro brew, and the bartender made Stina a fancy whiskey drink of which I can't aptly describe. While munching on some tasty mini fries, Rachel called to say that Aaron's friend Bear was playing at the Red Vic. Right now. Perfect. So after we were done with our drinks, we headed over the Red Vic coffee house (after peeking our heads in the movie theater and confirming that was not where Bear was playing)

We had never been inside the Red Vic hostel, and it was a really cool scene. Free acoustic music, and a tasty menu. A noble non profit organization promoting peaceful action. We ordered a delicious dinner, brought some beers in (totally legit, byob kinda place) and listened to free music. We were in great spirits. Sometimes no plan is the best plan.

We then walked home and watched Lady Hawk (my first viewing). This was because we had just watched War Games (Stina for the first time!) and were on a Matthew Broderick kick. I had initially thought that Michelle Pfiffer was the horse. Close, but no cigar.


Blogger PVision said...

First time? That shit is the bomb. "Walk on the LEFT side." Yeah Nevar, you fuckin' show 'em who's boss.


1:29 AM  
Anonymous Stina said...

OK, first off, its LadyHawke. And second off, Michelle Pieffer is hot. really hot.

10:39 AM  
Anonymous hans said...

"sometimes no plan is the best plan"...testify, brother.

1:08 PM  

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