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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Manu Chau

It wasn't even on my radar. Then Aaron sends me an email asking if I'm going. He mentions that it was the best show he saw last year, which was brutally unfair. I cannot ignore such a thing from a seasoned concert goer. I check it out, and its sold out. Craigslist tells me thats is a sellers market, with ticket prices as much as twice as face. I put out a couple feelers, nothing comes back, and I'm resigned to not go. Until I get the absolute last minute phone call for a ticket for face, and I'm in.

And, man, am I glad I got to see this one. I've never seen a crowd so amped. From the first note, hands and bodies were in the air. The energy was unbelievable. He and his band was going full speed the whole show.

There's only a very few number people in this world who have that special something. The undefinable it factor that causes people to worship them. Manu Chau has it. I felt it was like seeing Bob Marley perform. A leader of positive social reform who also posses a powerful music presence as well. Most of the show was in Spanish. I had no idea what they were singing about, but I couldn't stop dancing.

He can also grab some mighty air.

There was also some good audience participation. A couple people managed to get over the barricade, thwart security, and climb on stage. There's about a 10 foot gap between the barricade and the stage. One dude, got up on stage, danced around, yelled the chorus in Manu mic (Manu always deferred to the people who got on stage), and performed a running stage dive, soaring over the 10 foot gap, landing like 8 rows back. It was unbelievable. The third most rock and roll moment I've ever seen.

Later in the show, the same dude was back on stage. Security wanted to clear him off, but someone in crew stopped security from getting him. This dude then tore off all his clothes and danced around the stage naked for the entire song. Don't believe me?



Anonymous Rachel said...

No doubt that Manu Chau is a ROCKSTAR. The naked dude was hilarious...that alone was worth the $40 ticket.

3:44 PM  
Blogger Me said...

Nice! I'm only a little familiar with Manu Chau--you make me want to know more.

I play a song for my class that they love. It's about bongos. They get all bouncy and happy whenever it's on.

2:15 PM  

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