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Saturday, May 19, 2007


Last night, Stiners, Rachel, Casey, Aaron and I attended the SEVA foundation fundraiser. Well, actually Aaron sorta worked it, since he works at SEVA. This means that we got the killer hookup.

The lineup was stellar. First was Tea Leaf Green. They did a solid acoustic set.
Then came Chris Robinson and his Wooden family. They were excellent. Chris' voice was as strong as ever, and they even had some some solid sans drums jams.Then came Zero. They were fucking stellar. Way better then the last time I caught them. I took a smidge of video.

Finally, Mickey Hart and friends closed the show. He assembled a solid band to cover dead tunes. Steve Kimock pulled double duty with Zero and Mickey. I think he's raised ranks to my favorite guitar player alive.

This was one of the best concerts I've attended in quite some time. As a complete and utter bonus, Aaron got us into the VIP after party in the Red Room, the most beautiful room in all of SF. We traipsed upstairs to be greeted with tables and tables of FOOD! High quality food at that. OMG. Imagine a bunch of famished hippies arriving upon an incredible shmorgous board of food. It was both hysterical and incredibly delicious.
There was a couple giant cakes, cause this benefit was also Wavy Gravy's (spokesperson for SEVA, MC for the night) 71 st birthday.
Happy birthday Wavy!


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