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Friday, April 27, 2007

DJ Shadow

Well, after a crippling Pat Wednesday, it was time to groove back to the Fillmore for DJShadow. I'm a glutton, I know.

DJShadow had a massive screen behind him that was perfectly in sync with his turntables. The technology that powers it is pretty rad. I wasdefinitely tripping out on it for a while. His set was pretty good, but nothing mind blowing. It was fun to be in a Fillmore that was ready to dance. I guess that's what happens when you go see DJs.

I grabbed some video from his organ routine. Have a taste:

It was a crazy short set, but that resonated with me just fine. I had to go home and do work anyways. I stood outside the venue and passed out business cards, cause I had never done it before. Its a pretty amusing game.

I wonder if a single person who got a card visited the website.


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