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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Matt the Electrician

Heather's good friend Matt came to town with his band, and cajoled a bunch of folks to come check him out. He played at Amnesia, which I only just discovered is a bar that I need to frequent more often. 40+ taps, a huge collection of Belgian bottles (at fairly reasonable prices), and a stage = alllllright.

There were three bands on the venue, meaning that Matt didn't hit until late. This was unfortunate, because I LOVED what I was hearing. I'm not the biggest singer/songwriter fan, but he blew me away. An amazing voice, great lyrics, great stage presence, and a killer band to round out the sound. Super mellow, but that perfectly jived with my mood. I highly recommend you check out a track or two off his myspace page.

Jordan was a sweetie and surprised gifted me with his latest CD. I've listened to it a couple times in the morning, and it is fantastic. Highly recommended.


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