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Sunday, March 25, 2007


A while back, Hans duly circulated an awe inspiring video of the band Dragonforce.

When I saw that they were coming to SF, I jumped on it. Hans, Matty Boom Boom, and BryGuy all came on board.

And last night, they rocked our faces off.

Everyone met up at Chez krudden for beers and shots. Stiners had assembled a crue to go to the art party that Dave SG was participating in. The party was one block away from the Warfield on Market. That was really really unlikely. So DanT and Angel also joined us for some early evening revelry. Fun transpired. Deodorant re-applied.

Lets rock.

So our motley crue got down to the Warfield with enough time to spare that we could terrorize a 7-11 and find the party. Turned out the party was in a large art gallery that was fronted with huge pane windows, so it was like an human art aquarium that we got to enjoy from the outside.

We went inside, went to our killer seats, and get revved up. The lights went out, and we were taken to a new fucking planet. Lets call it: "Holy Fuck". These guys seriously raised the bar for glam/prog. The level of enthusiasm was contagious. There were 6 of them. They only way they know how to play: stupid fast. The two guitarists would play nintendo like synchronized leads and the launch into alternating face melting solos. The singer was a perfect blend of over the top theatrics and falsetto notes of glory. The keyboard player would sometimes hold a chord with on hand while doing huge Pete Townsed like leaps swinging his free hand. The drummer went non stop, double bass kicks thundering in perfect synchronicity with the bass player.

At one point, the keyboardist switched to the keytar, and the two guitars, bass player, and keyboardist all come together to cross frets. Then they all played each others instruments. Mid song. Fuuuuck me.

It's amazing to see a band in their prime.

Hans and I agreed that they would provide the perfect soundtrack to the next gen version of Contra. Some one needs to make this happen.

Strangely enough, they weren't the headliners. Another band, Killswitch Engage, played next. They didn't hold a fucking candle. I can't rally behind music where most of the vocals are screaming. At one point, after finished oneforge table number the singer went off on the audience for being lame. He's started raving at length to some people who were talking instead of enjoying the music. Eventually the drummer chucked a drum stick at the singer and made the "let's play a song already" motion. Humor.

They only somewhat redeemed themselves by finishing their encore with a rousing rendition of "Holy Diver" by Dio. That brought a smile to our collective faces.

Here's a shitty picture taken from Hans' cellphone:



Anonymous hans said...

I really woulda walked outta there with a lot less energy except for the Holy Diver closer, I gotta say. I think I can speak for all of us, too, when I say that Dragonforce exceeded expectations. I really wasn't sure what to expect...would they just not hold up to the video and album work? or would it be decent but just not as frenetic? no, they surprised and, like goatse, tore me a new peephole on shredding. i think we left earth on some ufo-guitar and went to a world where everyone would just rock forever, i swear.

1:27 PM  

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