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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Accoustic Cafe

We got word yesterday that a couple of our friends were playing that night at the Acoustic Cafe, a brand spanking new Cafe at the corner of Page and Octavia. We met up with Jordan and Jen for some pre-show Indian dinner, which we ended up getting to go after determining that we could eat it at the cafe.

We got there in time to take in Brian Davis opening set. Never seen him perform before, so that was rad. He's got a solid voice. Then Joe Ledbetter did a solo spot with looper. That guy just reeks of confidence. Its always good to listen to him do his thang. It got a little shaky with the looper, and having played with loopers before, I felt his pain. But after he sang about shoving the looper up your pooper, all was re-aligned in the universe. Booyeah.

Finally, a guy named Robatto? and Steve Sparapani kicked into the realm of space using a laptop running Live, and bunch of different instruments. It got kinda out there.

It was a solid evening of hanging out with friends while listening to other friends perform. Oh, and the pints were only $3. All the time. Stina had a hot white chocolate that I got to drink most of. It was fantastic.


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