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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Great Mysteries

You know how life sometimes presents a great mystery that you ponder for a bit and eventually forget about? Like last night, when we were checking out the scene at 9th and Irving and there were many more punk like folk congregating outside the bars then usual. We wondered "Why are there all these punk like folks congregating at bars in our neighbor hood?" You can read my previous post to learn about all that followed.

Its probably not super interesting to you. But I wrote about it anyways.

That's just how I roll.

Well, today, we went down to the 9th and Irving area for some lunch. We got some food to go and ate it in the park to enjoy the clearly limited sunshine of the day. The clouds came in, we left the park, and walked by the Anarchist Book Fair at the county fair building. Ah ha.

We went in. I bought a poster commemorating the event, because I thought it was rad, and was 3 dollars. Stina bought a small bumper sticker for the car. It reads: "Cars Suck".

We thought it would be ironic.


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