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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Accoustic Cafe Revisited

JP Cutler and Jason Parmar played at the Accoustic Cafe on Friday, and I was more then ready to return. I ended up walking down to the venue - it took one Album Leaf album to get there.

On arrival, there were three other people there - all performers. I started talking to the bartender/coffee slinger. He was supposed to be done, and was somewhat grumpy about still being there. The cousin of the owner offered to cover for him until Dennis, the night guy, arrived. As soon as grumpy duder left, people started to arrive, and the poor guy had no idea how to make coffee/tea drinks. He attempted to create hot water using the espresso machine, which ended up being on for like ten minutes until the high pitched whining became too scary.

I found a cookie dough like container of clear goo on the bar. It turned out to be time release water. What a world we live in.

Rachel and Casey? came a bit later. A bunch of other folks showed up that I now know through different circles. I really enjoy how the musical circles interconnect.

Anyhow, JP and Jason sounded great. Jesse finished his first set using a bow on his guitar along with a looper pedal. Nice and trippy.

I definitely heart the Accoustic Cafe now. Free music, great vibe, and $3 tasty beers. Sold.


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