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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Spectra Ball

Spectra Ball was a whole different ball of wax for us this year. Stina's involvement = zero. General Fuzz = no performing. Tickets were complementary and nicely upgraded to VIP. Bonus.

Spectraball was an even bigger spectacle this year. A really fantastic event which I highly encourage all to attend. The variety of performers is astounding - all high caliber. Five performance spaces. A rare opportunity to spend time in what I consider the most beautiful room in SF - the "red room". Lots of great costumes and characters. Its totally worth the price of admission.

We saw many circus elements with full on trapeze and other suspended from high places performers. We saw Jason Parmar play with Eliahu's crew. Bands galore. Jaw dropping salsa piano led trio. Really really hot belly dancers. Amazing art EVERYWHERE. Inspiring art, really.

Many people knew Stina from last year and wanted to tell her what an awesome job she had done.

It was rad.


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