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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gooooo EARTH!

OMG. 4/20 Tea Leaf Green bringing it big at the Fillmore. They played like they deserve to play there. Followed by a late night show @ 12 galaxies, led by Dan Lebowitz. He brought a stellar band to play to the blissed out crowd. Ryan Kerrigan outdid himself for the late night poster.

All week, I told peeps about the free show in the park on Sunday, and every response was: "Its supposed to rain." It sure rained with a vengeance all Saturday long. Woke up Sunday to nothing but sunshine, and it persisted all day to achieve a glorious free concert in GG Park. I was there from noon till five, and saw Martin Sexton, the Greyboy All-Stars (awesome!), Damian Marley, and Ratdog. Ratdog granted me a free dead show in GG Park, so now I feel that I've truly lived in SF.

Happy Earth Day!


Blogger ELK said...

Awesome. Wish we had made it in! I only hope there were naked, long-haired, blissed out women twirling around ot make it a real SF Dead experience...

10:53 AM  

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