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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rock Star

Last night was one of those balls to walls kinda evenings. It started with celebrating Amy's 30th at Killowatt with a bunch of folks. Then I went to Mighty to check out the New Up's CD release party.

I'd never been in Mighty before. Its a fairly large space with 4 ENORMOUS speaker stacks. They brought in a crew to decorate the place, and it looked fantastic. There was really great/clever art all over the place. They had places mannequins all over the stage. Three huge screens dropped from the ceiling for projections. They even built a cool chill space outside for the smokers, complete with DJ. It was quite a production.

I saw a DJ there that really impressed me, which it rare. They had a cool live keyboard/drummer/dj breakbeat band open up, and they were pretty tight. I saw a lot of people I've met through the pleasure pad parties. The New Up hit after midnight, and their sound was really dialed in. They sounded the best I've ever heard them.

Then I cruised over to ar+space to catch some of Izabella's set. ar+space is a small warehouse art space (which people live in) which occasionally hosts events. It was pretty rocking over there at 1am. Izabella was also sounding better then I'd ever heard them. The band (7 people) has started to gel, figuring out how to play well together without stepping on each others toes.

It's fantastic (and encouraging) to watch both of these bands improve their live show over time.


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