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Monday, May 07, 2007

Yeay for Birthday Week

Birthday celebrations should never be confined to a single day. Its especially gratifying to commit to a 10 day long birthday which incorperates celebrating other friends birthdays along the way. I'll try to summarize some highlights:

  • Stina wanted to motivate people to host a beach bonfire. Since everyone she was trying to motivate were helping Lindsey and Haber move, it was a battle she was destined to lose. I then conviced her to just go to beach sans wood, and Rachel and Sierra joined on the fun. After a watching the sunset set behind the clouds, we happened a bonfire which was being forcibly abandoned by the 5-0 due to alcohol. Sweet. Free bonfire for us. Hunger eventually set in, Rachel wanted to eat somewhere new, so we ended up dining at a random establishment called "Mango Medley" at Judah and maybe 48th ave. It was a tiny funky Asian coffee house which happened to have a menu with like 150 items. We ordered 4 of them, and when they arrived close to an hour later, were unbelievably delicious. This place was a serious find - cheap and INSANELY tasty, just be prepare to wait. We even went back for more spring rolls the next day.
  • I got to celebrate Zack's (the original lego maniac) birthday on the 1st at Limon. Never been there before, and it was GOOD. I ordered a red snapper which came in a fried red snapper fish bowl = the very fish I was eating with the meat already removed fried into a semi-circle, scary teeth and all.
  • Peeps met up for pizza on my actual birthday (the 3rd). We ordered far too much, and I went home with an entire pizza for later. YES! We even caught some of the "Smokedaddies" @ the blackthorn, and with the guest singer they were rather rockin.
  • We were going to see ALO at the Fillmore on Saturday with a bunch of other folks. A couple hours before the show, I found out about a pre-show kegger. I motivated Stina out of the house, and it was totally worth it. They had a keg of Magnolia Pale Ale, and I spent most of my time near my new friend, the keg. Lots of smiling nice people abound. Someone gave me a bunch of balloons with the instructions to launch them during the third song. Everyone left the house at 8:30, where all 50 of us got the 38 double bus and yukked our way to the Fillmore. The show was awesome, and it was bonus to know like one percent of the audience thanks to the party. During the second song I distributed said balloons to my neighbors, and prepped them on their intended use. When the third song hit, like 300 balloons went up. It was pretty fantastic. It was especially special to see Zaq and Chelsea out, and I'm super glad I had chance to catch up with them.
  • The annual birthday BBQ in the park was met with shockingly good weather for the first time ever. A really great day to spend with friends in a little patch of the park. The presence of babies marked our inevitable passage of getting older. All sorts of people came out of the woodwork - from old friends to new musician friends.
So, suffice to say, I had a great birthday. 3.1, baby. I even added a new green sweatshirt to the collection.


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