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Thursday, May 10, 2007


Way back in the day, when Stina came out to join me in Cali, she made it clear that this was a temporary thing. We'll move back to MA to be near our respective parents in a couple years.

. . . time passes . . .

. . . eventually hunger sets in . . .

so I stroll over to Underdog, where I'm greeted warmly by the proprietors. We chat and I mow a tasty organic sausage and tots. And, OMG, they now sell Mission Pies. Score!

Thus satiated, I randomly decided to make my way to the Acoustic Cafe, where again, I'm greeted by name by the two bartenders/coffee slingers. A jam band, Kanvus, is hacking their way through Wolfsmans Brother. Maybe 15 hippie-esque folk have congregated to enjoy some fine free music, $3 beers, and great vibes. A coaster fight breaks out.

I guess its hard not to feel that I've planted some roots here.

Another strange occurrence is that I've starting appearing in environments where there are an abundance of good looking single women. I guess this is bound to happen after marriage. I wish I had a hippie-ish single male friend to tote around. He'd be so thankful that he'd ply me with free sausages and beer. Cause if he was my friend, he'd know the way my heart.

Oh, if you have a moment, digg this. I'd appreciate it.


Blogger Kanvus said...

Wow, I just found your mention of Kanvus at the Acoustic Cafe. That was a while ago. Thanks for the attention. We have come a long way since then. Check us out at BTW, we still hack through Wolfman's once in a while.

5:29 PM  
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