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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The New Deal

After some Chimay, MGD and pizza with Chris Davis, I headed out to what is becoming my home away from home - the Independent. Kid Beyond was opening, and was throwing down his jaw dropping vocal skills. His set has evolved over the years - now he sets up a song, loop by loop, first some drums, then a bass line, more drums, more effects, maybe a lead, all using his voice, a midi pedal, and an ingenious use of ableton Live. Then he sings on top of it. His songs/lyrics are now the focus of the act - and the amazing strength and range of his voice. Pretty crazy, considering how he's already redefined vocal percussion for me. Kick ass light show too.

The New Deal came next. Well, sorta. Two guys (the keys and drums) from the New Deal, and the bass player from STS9. They did a mostly improvised set in the style of Particle, STS9, etc. What I've come to learn is that this kind of music does not capture my musical attention at all. They are fine musicians, and the crowd eats it up, but if the music is to be all instrumental, I need some depth, complexity, and nuance. The music of last night was more repetitive, in the same key kinda stuff. I've already come to terms with my extreme musical snobbery. I'm good with it.

Its actually kinda nice that I can now cross off all bands of this electronica/jam band cross over nature off my show calender.


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Ha. F'ing snob.

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