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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Izabella & Meltone @ 12 Galaxies

Back at 12 Galaxies for some more groovin.

Stiners and I met up with Ryan and Lizzie for some serious get down. Meltone, a Japanese jamband that's being traveling over to the west coast for the last couple years, made their debut appearance at 12 Galaxies. Randomly, they hired Nemo, the duder who did the album art for "Cool Aberrations", to do live art during the show. Nemo lives up in Portland, so this was the first time we've seen each other in many a year. It was fantastic to catch up a bit, and learn about the insane art projects he's got in the oven.

Sean Lehe, the guitarist who rips on "the grenabler", is the lead guitarist in Izabella. Its good to see how the new iteration of this band is starting to gel a bit.

Frank Chu was hanging around to make it a legitimate 12 Galaxies experience.

While I was rocking out too hard during Sean's epic jams to capture it, I did manage to grab a taste of his guitar prowess.

Then came on Meltone, complete with keytar player. They we're extremely high energy, and those in attendance seemed to soak it up. Again, I missed capturing most of the epic moments due to my grooving interests, here's a space rock taste of Meltone:

They were some seriously goofy fun.


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