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Friday, July 27, 2007

Galactic (Houseman Benefit)

I caught one of the "Houseman Benefit" galactic shows at the Independent. No one really seems to know whats wrong with him, but I'm sure its nothing good. The boys definitely threw down pretty hard. I got my boogie on pretty strong. Houseman did take the mic a couple times for some galactic classics. While I do wish him a speedy recovery from whatever ails him, I was never too sad to see him leave the band.

There were too many special guests floating around the venue. At one point all the member of the Meters (minus the drummer) took the stage to do a couple New Orleans style covers.

Speaking of drummers - Stanton Moore is one of the best drummers alive. That man possesses too much style. Half the time he's out of he seat, he's hitting the drums with so much enthusiasm. I will always go see whatever band he plays in.

I even saw Les Claypool cruising around the little back stage area. Unfortunately, I took off before he hit the stage. Ah well. Such is life when you lack stamina, especially having been tapped from the Pumpkins the night prior.


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