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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Spinal Fun

See that weird bubble on the right side of the 4th spinal chunk up from the bottom? Apparently, thats bad. The chiropractor has suggested surgery, but its too soon to know how this is going to play out. Many second opinions to come.

I decided to blow off some steam this weekend by doing a double feature of Transformers -> Die Hard. Both were satisfactorily entertaining, but I definitely give the nod to Die Hard. I sat in the large aisle gap in the front row where there were only 3 seats together for Die Hard. The teenagers occupying the seats next to me were doing naughty things under a blanket during the movie, which was both humorously and irritatingly created a distraction from shit blowing up. Ah youth.

I did two days of San Francisco electronica immersion by first attending Backlit Lounge on monday, and the Electronic Music Meetup on Tuesday. I always meet some interesting people at such events. Glad I made the effort to go.

We had travelling friends Dan Orderica (high school friend) and Abby over for dinner tonight along with DanT. There was some celebratory chili. Much of our conversation revolved around parental illnesses, running a business, and potentially having babies.


Getting older.


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