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Monday, June 25, 2007

Prostrates and Babies

So my dad had his prostrate removed last week. It got pretty inflamed and it had to go. Its been a kinda intense week mulling that over. I'm so lucky to have an older brother that's a doctor that lives near my folks. Makes a bit easier to swallow that I'm 3000 miles away. Every day he sounds a little bit better. I feel like he's on the upward path.

Yesterday Stina and I starting talking a bit about the future, what with the possible child rearing and locationality issues. For the first time, "we'll do that later" turned into something more concrete, like "maybe we'll start trying in the next couple years." That in turn leads to "well, what does that mean to our life".


I mean, I shouldn't be completely in shock. This is part of an evolving conversation we've been having for many a year now. But, what with the getting older and eating cake all the time, its probably time to face (and hopefully embrace) the reality of raising a family.

I dunno. Its sounds kinda crazy, with the sacrifice and responsibility. I'm not there yet. But I'm on my way.

So then I went to see the John Butler trio at the Fillmore. Which is fairly symbolic, since the last time I saw him it kicked off my 30th birthday extravaganza (which went on for like 10 days), and I had a lot of intense thoughts going on with the turning of 30. John Butler is extremely talented. A joy to listen to. His band is stellar. His new CD is rather good. So I let the sweet sounds mix in with my many swirling thoughts and decided to be really happy, because I was at one my favorite places doing one of my most favorite things.

This was then followed by another one of my most favorite things: late night sandwich.


Blogger Jonathan Penn said...

Love the title of your post! And love the music. Keep up the good work, no matter what course of life you follow.

I'm with you on the "whoa" factor related to raising a family. My wife and I are expecting our first in about 6 months and it's sinking in pretty deep. A good friend of mine just had their first, though, and he says it's worth it.

I enjoy your blog!

9:29 PM  

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