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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dan T + 3.0 = beer!

It started with dinner plans. Stiners and I met up with Angel and Dan at their house at 7. Then Jordan happened to stop by, cause he was "playin a gig nearby". Then DanT was presented with the wicked home made keg-o-rater. It was all empty and sad, but certainly epic in promise. No more bottling homebrew for DanT (which apparently is a pain in the ass). Shortly thereafter more peeps dropped in. Then A Keg arrived, pizza was delivered, cake soon followed, and a party was in fully swing.

Hats off to Angel for the clever coordination a reverse surprise party. While most us reveled in the keg of beer, Stina was all atwitter because it was a birthday party with pizza and cake.

Happy 3.0, Dan T! Too bad you don't read my blog.


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"Too bad you don't read my blog."


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