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Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Sauce

Chuck, an old Obie friend of ours, has been immersed in the San Jose rock scene for the past six or so years, playing in all sorts of funk/ska bands. It was time for Chuck to finally assemble a band of his own, and so, the Sauce was born.

The Sauce held its debut show on Saturday at the Blank Club in San Jose. To increase the likely hood of a SF presence at the show, he had his friend Drew drive a cargo van up to our neighborhood to ferry 8 people to and from the show. Now, as we to learn, this is not any old van. This was a fully tricked out van, complete with blue fur, blue track lights, mirrored ceiling, and DVD viewing capabilities.

View from the ceiling:

So we got to watch Anchorman, and all was excellent, minus one incident of car sickness. Drew is one amazing guy - willing to drive an extra 4 hours (after already driving 4 hours to get home from a gig earlier that day) to help support his friend Chuck.

The sauce opened up the show, and was pretty solid for their first live show.

You probably can't make out the female keyboard player on the left, but it was keys, chuck on guitar, a bad ass bass player, and drums. They kinda flowed in between funk, ska, and reggae. Its great to hear Chuck so up front on vocals. I was somewhat familiar with the tunes since he'd already slipped me a preview disc, so I really enjoyed hearing them live. I look forward to seeing/hearing their evolution.


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