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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Friends Bands

On Friday night Stiners and I (along with many friends who we met on the way) did the friend's bands circuit in the Richmond. First we went to Cafe Velo Rouge to catch Brian's new band: Glenn Labs. The cafe was pretty tiny and it got mighty packed. We may have to return to sample the cuisine - it sounded pretty tasty.

Brian's band put out a strong, but short, debut performance. I particularly enjoyed the keyboard guy.

We stuck around for the next act: Sex with No Hands. The highlight of that set was when they covered a Journey tune with two accordions and a trumpet. They couldn't sing all that well - which they were very upfront about - but they made up for it with enthusiasm.

Then it off to the Plough and Stars for the Deciders (formerly the Jewgrass Boys) CD release party. The opener from Santa Cruz, The Down Beets, was really good. I'm not the big a bluegrass fan, so I was surprised that I enjoyed them so much. Their madolin player was ridiculous.

Then the Deciders. They were pretty spot on. They've got a bunch of gigs under their belt, and it shows. Really good pickers to boot. The lyrics were pretty damn smart - again, I usually don't pay attention. They could all shine when they tossed their salad along (that's blugrass slang for take turns soloing). In the middle of the set, they let the bass player sing a tune, and oh boy, does she have a set of pipes. They should have used her a LOT more. They place fell apart when she starting singing.

Check out devil Jordan:

Scary, huh? Well he sure can pick the 'ole banjo. . . up.

Which is no big deal really. I could pick up a banjo if I wanted to. I just chose not to. I don't have one near by right now.

So the Deciders have released a spanking new CD, and they made it creative commons (just like my music). This means its free to download. So go download it. Then bother them to make it a single zip file.

I had big plans to go out and see Sphongle @ 1015 Folsom late night, but after seeing four sets of music, the mustard jar was empty. F that. I ended up walking over to the Davis's residence where it turned out they were babysitting a Wii. Perfect. We ended up playing single bounce low score bowling for $1.


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