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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Santa Cruz

Our 3rd wedding anniversary is upon us. This means we have a 10 day celebration to attend to. We kicked it off with a weekend getaway in Santa Cruz. Stina, being Stina, did some research before we headed down to Santa Cruz. She checked the weather, and somehow interpreted the data so that it would be 60 degrees that weekend in Santa Cruz. She puts a lot of stock in the weather report.

As we were spread a bit thin this week, her packing lacked focus, and turned out a little lopsided. She packed 4 sweaters and no shorts/tank tops/etc. So even though the car was overloaded with luggage for a weekend getaway, she was totally devoid of warm weather clothing. Imagine her surprise when we arrive to 80 degrees beach weather.

So we checked into the B'n'B, and the gas fire place was kickin in our room. This would have been great if it was 60 degrees out, but it wasn't, so it was stupid hot in our room. Unfortunately, they couldn't figure out how to turn the fire off.

Our first stop - the thrift store. Everything was 50% off, so Stina stocked up on her wardrobe. $20 dollars later, we were rockin. Then we picked up some Tevas. My first Tevas. So exciting.

We walked down to the Boardwalk. We played some Fascination. We meandered down the beach and listened to a bit of a terrible free concert. We limped back downtown. I had a life affirming pee. We ate a pizza place (Kianti's) that had the 4th best pizza thrower in the world. Or maybe just US. Regardless, he was pretty fun to watch. In the middle of dinner all the wait staff did a synchronized dance while the advanced pizza tossers astonished us with their crazy funky mad dough skillz.

A wee surreal to say the least.

We planned on spending the weekend there, but our room was insanely hot, and sleep wasn't so handy. So we left on Saturday, and took route 1 back to SF. We stopped at San Gregerio beach for some photos, and came home to chill with Gail and Dan. We even got to attend Jason and Lindsey's house warming kegger up high in the mountains.

Good times.


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Man, even I don't know what's going on in that picture...

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