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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


We've been blessed with having Tom in San Francisco for the last week or so. Although he hasn't been the constant presence on our couch that I wish he could of been, we've seen a fair bit of him in different contexts. We finally had him to ourselves on Sunday afternoon, so we dragged him to Jerry Day, a free concert at Jerry Garicia amphitheater (a small open amphitheater nested in the hill of a park in South SF) featuring the JGB. They even played my favorite song - "Walking in the Mission". We enjoyed ourselves thorougly along with all our hippie brethren. Well, Stiners, Rachel, Brian and I did. Tom mostly looked bemused.

On Tuesday, I took Tom to 12 Galaxies for the premere of "The Smiling Man". It was a free event featuring a full 7 piece jazz band in (fronted by my friend Ann on vocals) between screenings of the movie. We arrived in the middle of one of the screenings, so we ducked into "Doc's Clock", where we monopolized the free shuffle puck table until the band started up. The Jazz Band = solid. There were only like 25 people there. Only one homeless dude took advantage of the lack of cover. He was real enthusiastic.

Today, I went to check out the Creative Commons Salon at Shine. Taking a page out of the book of Stina, I showed up a wee bit early. This enabled me to meet the hosts, who were able to direct me to people of interest. That, and aquire some free drink tickets. I had a good time, talked to some cool folks, and learned a thing or two about whats going on in the open source community.

Notice the theme of these events? They all cost me nothing, and yet entertained me greatly. I suppose this is the advantage of living in a major city.



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