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Friday, August 31, 2007


Vacation is sweet, but the east cost is freaking hot and humid. I try and combat this by sleeping in as late as possible. I really enjoy the night time though, strolling around comfortably in shorts and sandals. My parents are clearly feeling mostly recovered, cause the sniping never ceases. I've been yelled at at least once a day. My crowning achievement was when I accidentally tipped over a long florescent bulb that deftly exploded into a million little glass bits all over the kitchen.

Last night we took Josh out for a bacheloresque party around the town. We re-labeled all of our childhood establishments to their former and proper name. We played suicide at our grammar school, threw a Frisbee in the park, went on a w-a-l-k in the woods, peed in the Rudden's backyard (they were gracious enough to offer us a beverage afterwards), tried to get a hack between five people, and circled the ping pong table for quite a while. We visited store 2-4, and a woman told Josh that his hat was "slammin" (he was wearing a pirate hat all night). She then told the cashier that he should wash his hands cause she was probably covered in Poison Ivy.

He's now officially ready to get married.


Blogger ELK said...

Ah, Newton. I'm glad you got Josh in touch with his roots before sending him off into the big, scary world of wedded bliss. Congrats to him and breezes to you! (and a happy almost b-day to Stina, too)

2:04 PM  

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