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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blog Slacking

  • We attended Zack and Amanda's beautiful nuptials. I was blessed to be in charge of the thing I care the most about - sound. Zack pointed me towards the unassembled PA and his laptop, which he suggested we engage shuffle for the dance portion of the evening. I did not jive with that. I put together a fly playlist (with some dynamic updates) that seemed to resonate positively with the dance floor. The staff and crew were in truly in awe that you could DJ with a computer.
  • I caught guitarmeggedon @ the Independent, which was a wanking good time. The local jam band guitar heros covered much of claptons career with the help of a kicking band and the guitarmeggedon-ettes (3 strong female singers). Definitely worth a download.
  • On a walk through GG Park I discovered a band setup on a flat bed truck, and an audience of maybe 500. There were many celebratory flag wavers and dancers, but no banners indicating what it was all about. I asked a lady if she knew what was going on, and thats when my day took an abrupt left turn. Apparently, it was the final day of "the cause." Once I opened the door, many people wanted to talk to me in succession. All of them wanted to pray for me (which involved touching me and saying an off the cuff prayer, whatever they felt moved to say). It was a surreal half hour to the least. Some even won CDs for their troubles.
  • We saw Avenue Q last night at the Orpheum theater. It was freaking hysterical. You haven't lived until you've seen broadway actors create explicit puppet sex while "Gary Colman" sings about his approval of loud sex. I had "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" stuck in my head this morning.
  • Stina had her first cortizone shot in her spine today. She spent the day in a haze, but seems to be doing ok. Hopefully this will do her some good. Fingers crossed.


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hola! general fuzz I am spanish me gustaria escuchar musica tuya no podrias ponerla en ares thank you!!

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