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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Choose your own adventure

Stina will unknowingly guest blog today, since I'm copying the email she sent.

On Saturday I was given my 30th b-day present by Jason, Lindsey, Rachel, Angel, Lars and DanT. I can't help but share this incredible day with all of you. They treated me to a day where I got to "Choose my own adventure" all day long. My choice's began at 11am when everyone showed up at our house and I was given the choice between RED or BLUE (I chose red, since the SOX asked all their fans to wear Red to last nights name to support them), everyone quickly changed into their all red costumes and the day proceeded from there.

Quick summary of all my choices (the first choice listed is what I picked):
Red vs Blue
Scrambled eggs vs pancakes
Mimosas vs Bloody Marys
Word of the day: Fresh vs Gnarly
We clean breakfast vs James clean breakfast
DeYoung vs Open Studios
Take some advice vs Give some advice
Lombard Street Vs Balmy Alley
Pet Cemetary vs Paxton Gate
St Francis Ice Cream Parlor vs Miette Confiserie
Photo Booth in Bernal vs Photo Booth on Haight
High 5s all around vs Hugs all around
Games at little Shamrock vs Cocktails at Alembic (somehow we walked into little shamrock about 5 minutes before last nights grand slam!!)
Keep going vs bail out now (just in case I wanted to stop and focus on the game - fortunately the game was being easily won at the time by the Sox so I was able to keep playing!!!)
Buffalo wings vs Dinner at Mescolanzas
Chill at home vs crash a party
Lastly, I was given a wild card choice - which I used to wrap up the night by having everyone play speed monopoly, which James won in under 90 minutes.

Photos from the day:

My wonderful day ended around 11pm, a good 12 hours after it started. As an event planner, I was blown away by the logistical smoothness of the day - and I just had to share this gift with you all. We have amazing friends.

Now, time to focus on some TV. Go SOX!!


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Freaking Awesome vs Awesomely Freaky

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