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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dark Star Orchestra

A small motley crew was assembled to get our hippie on at the Fillmore, where Dark Star Orchestra was in the middle of three night run. When Hans arrived in my hood for a pre-show bbq, he was accosted by a young man who wondered if Hans could spare a beer. Hans apologetically declined. The stranger informed Hans that there was a crazy dead show at the Fillmore. Hans agreed, and dropped that he was attending said show. The stranger was duly impressed and then offered Hans some acid, which Hans again gently declined.

My neighborhood kicks ass.

Anywho, we devoured several of Angel's remnant birthday sausages, watched the bike dancing scene from Rad, and headed of to the show. Stina was absent for the eating portion of the evening, as she was off cheering on the Red Sox at Kezar's. Post season is generally when she starts to pays attention to baseball. Interestingly, the few people wearing sports related clothing at the show brandished Red Sox logos.

Dark Star Orchestra will select an actual historic set list from a Dead Show and recreate it in its entirety. For some odd reason, it felt like seeing a DSO show was more hippie then seeing Phil and Friends. Or maybe the crowd was just more hippie. I dunno. It was a little surprising. And man, do they play a good dead show. They sounded phenomenal. Not that I have a huge dead knowledge base, but it felt like a real close approximation of a dead show. I really enjoyed DSO in the same way I appreciate Phix.

The setlist was from 10/8/89 Hampton, VA It was a real good'un. I boogied hard to Franklin's Tower, and got chills when they finished the second set with Morning Dew. There was even poster. And now I can instantly stream the original show at no cost. I heart


Anonymous hans said...

next time Phix comes to town, i'm down. like Charlie Brown.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous hans said...

i also have to say that DSO did a great job. my first time seeing them and they recreated my dead show experiences pretty damn well...i was impressed. they weren't as experienced as the Dead during some of the improvisational moments (still, not far off), but being younger than the Dead were in '89, they jammed harder than an '89 show ever would have...THAT was awesome. i never thought i'd say that a Stagger Lee really rocked, but it did.

10:38 AM  
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