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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Reasonable Distraction

Lately, I've become a bit of a google fanboy. I've discovered all sorts of useful google web applications like calendar, reader, and docs (not to mention gmail, blogger, youtube and whatever other useful company they gobble up). I'm even starting to mess around a little bit with some of their nifty programming APIs. When I prepared Stina's computer, I installed google download pack, which installed all sorts of practical applications. Fuck Microsoft Office - I'm all about Open Office these days.

I stumbled upon google docs when I uploaded a doc file and it asked if I wanted to open it in reader. Fuckin'a right I did. Thus I ended up wring Stina's birthday story using reader, since I wanted to work on it from multiple computers. Now I can share the fruits of that labor with a single click of a button. While its littered with lots of inside references that'll make little or no sense to you, it might be an amusing work distraction or something. So, if you want, enjoy my four part love letter to Stina.


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